Keller Williams’ latest Family Reunion took place recently down in New Orleans, and I had the pleasure of attending along with my daughter, who heads our team’s marketing and admin division. We had an absolute blast on our trip, and we’re excited to give you a quick recap. 

We got there a day early so we could explore all the sights and sounds of the city. First, we went to Cafe Du Monde for some delicious beignets—a New Orleans staple. The line was long and the tables were sticky, but it was worth it.

After that, we walked from one end of the French Quarter to the other. The decorations were already being put up for Mardi Gras, so the horses and carriages were also decked out in purple flair. During the day, we went on a Voodoo Bone Lady Tour, which also consisted of a ghost tour where we ate fried alligator. Our night culminated with a moment that presented a philosophical question you’ll be able to ask yourself if you skip to the 4:16 mark in the video above: Is it flying Jesus or a giraffe head?

“These events are a great way to learn from other agents in different parts of the country.”

The next day, it was time for the convention. The number of agents in attendance was estimated to be as high as 80,000, and Keller Williams’ CEO Gary Keller was there. We got to listen to him talk and attend several sessions he conducted personally. 

We always say that real estate is hyperlocal, but it’s also important for us agents to keep ourselves educated on national trends, and these events are a great way to learn from other agents in different parts of the country. We were able to speak with many experts about what’s going to affect buyers as well as sellers moving forward in 2019. Some of these sessions were so full it was standing-room only. 

Some concluding thoughts…

  • “Onward”—This is a word Gary Keller emphasized in all of the sessions he conducted, and we’re taking it with us back to East Valley. Whenever we encounter a challenge, we’re not going to let it stop our momentum. We’re going to tell ourselves “onward” and keep moving toward a successful deal. 
  • I 💓 KW—My daughter bought me a T-shirt with that exact logo printed across the front, and it sums up my feelings pretty well on the company I work for. I love how they fight for our industry and how they fight for our clients.

We loved taking this opportunity to sharpen our skills and find newer, better ways to serve you, and we can’t wait to introduce you to some exciting technological advances KW is bringing to the table later in the year. I guarantee they’ll change the way you interact with the world of real estate. 

If you have any real estate questions or you’re thinking of buying a home soon, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to help you.