Here are the top five ways you may be sabotaging your own home sale: 

1. Bad color schemes. Remember, you’re trying to showcase your home to the masses. Whatever color scheme you love that may have been popular 10 or 15 years ago probably won’t help your home sale. Paint is the cheapest and easiest fix you can make to your home, so try adjusting your color scheme. Also, keep in mind that buyers love the smell of a fresh coat of paint. 

2. Too much personal taste. If you’re a collector or you have a Precious Moments collection decorating the inside of your home, pack that stuff up and store it away while your home’s on the market. You’re trying to sell your home to someone who isn’t you, so you need to neutralize your personal tastes. You also want buyers to be able to visualize how they’ll live in the home, so you want to minimize any personal decor. 

“Remember, you’re trying to showcase your home to the masses.”

3. Bad odors. As you prep your home for sale, take its smell into account. Pet odor, for example, is hard to get rid of and can turn buyers off. You also don’t want to overwhelm people with wallflowers and/or candle scents. A good, solid deep cleaning of your home can go a long way toward eliminating any unwanted odors. You should also consider cleaning your carpets while you’re at it. When we live in our homes, we tend to become noseblind, so bring others into your house and have them give you their honest opinion of how it smells. 

4. Not being flexible enough for your showings. This one is huge. If you want to seriously sabotage your home sale, make it hard for people to see it. There’s a big difference between living in your house and selling it, so make sure you have the right mindset and you’re flexible with showings. Also, if you have pets, remove them from the house during showings—both for their protection and the people walking through your home. 

5. Disguising problem areas. If you have mold underneath your sink and you try painting over it, that will show up during the inspection. If your home has any problems areas, get them diagnosed by a professional and get them repaired properly. If you try disguising it, one way or another that’s going to come to light. At that point, it will be a much bigger deal than if you had addressed it up front. 

If you have any more questions about how you can get your home in tip-top shape and make it appeal to as many buyers as possible, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to help you.